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Published by: South Sumatera Archaeological Service Office - Ministry of Education & Culture

SIDDHAYATRA is a peer-reviewed journal of archaeological study which is managed by Editorial Boards of Archaeological Service Office for South Sumatera.  The first  edition was published in February 1996. Each volume published biannually in different numbers. Siddhayatra in sanskrit language means  ‘accomplished sacred expedition’. Siddhayatra is often mentioned in a short inscription contains shanti (holy) sentences, came from the period of Sriwijayan  Kingdom. In accordance with its  noble meaning, this journal is expected to become an instrument on disseminating the results of archaeological research to  the public, including the researchers and academics. All contents became the author’s responsibility, not the editorial boards. Permission of reprint and/or  modification of any illustrations in this journal should  be  obtained directly from one of the authors.




Call for Paper Vol.24 (1) Mei 2019

Siddhaytra is an Open-Access, Peer-reviewed and edited by expertise in Archaeology, Quaternary-Prehistory, History and Anthropology from highly reputable research institutions and universities in Indonesia.  
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Vol 23, No 2 (2018): Jurnal Arkeologi Siddhayatra

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